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Natural Remedies: Anxiety

What is it?

Anxiety happens to about twice as many women as men and can be acute or chronic. Often anxiety shows up in the form of panic attacks; these attacks can become so bad that a person can have chest pains and breathing problems and in fact be mistaken for signs of a heart attack. Scientists theorize that this happens when the body's fight or flight system goes wrong and stress actually triggers the body to produce adrenaline. Panic attacks are almost always abrupt and intense, the heart begins to beat faster, breathing becomes harder, sometimes you sweat , feel faint, and your muscles tense up. This is not just a psychological phenomenon, but a biological one as well. The over production of adrenaline causes biological changes such as an increase in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, making the blood more sensitive to developing clots. Anxiety can be debilitating, and if you can not remove the source of the anxiety, then you must control the symptoms.

Is There a Cure?

There are several well established medications that can alleviate severe panic attack symptoms, such as Ativan, Klonipin, Xanax. However these things have addictive properties for some, they make others feel tired or not feel the ups and downs of normal life. For some, these drugs are absolute lifesavers, but for others they want to try a more natural approach. For those, here are some natural remedies; calcium and magnesium (2,000mg of calcium and 600-1000mg magnesium daily) to help relax the muscles, relieve tension and spasms. Kyolic helps to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as a good vitamin B complex to provide you energy, and a calming effect.

As far as herbs go, they are important because when a body is under stress, it is very vulnerable to damage from anti-oxidants, which can cause cancer and other diseases. Milk thistle, Bilberry and Ginko Biloba have all proven anti anxiety affects. Please be sure to talk to you doctor first before you take anything if you are already on other prescription medications. Fennel helps relieve any gastrointestinal distress that comes from severe anxiety.

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