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Natural Remedies: Abscesses

What is an Abscess?

An abscess occurs when there is an accumulation of pus anywhere inside or on the body. If an abscess happens to form around a hair follicle, it is then called a boil. Boils tend to form on the areas of the body where there is hair. The usual areas where boils form are on the face, armpit, buttocks, or neck. They begin small and firm and eventually get red and swollen, however they usually do no spread. Eventually the boil ruptures draining the pus, which can be quite painful. Abscesses can form at anytime on anybody, however they generally occur when the immune system is in a weakened state. Abscesses might need to be drained by a physician and they can heal faster by simultaneously using natural treatments.

Is there a cure?

See a physician to prevent serious infections. Natural remedies include raw or lightly cooked Beta-carotene rich vegetables in order to help repair and maintain the skin. Drink plenty of water in order to flush toxins out of the body. Avoid chips, candy, sugar and soda as these are bad for your immune system and try to eat a lot of dark green and orange vegetables because these colored fruits and veggies contain beta-carotene which helps the skin repair itself. A high quality omega-3 fish oil and vitamin E are essential for good immune function and skin health is essential for diseases of the skin.

Homeopathic Medicines:

400IU of vitamin E daily and if you do not like green and orange veggies and fruits, the you can take 10,0000 IU of vitamin A for 10 days and then discontinue. Do not take the vitamin A if you are pregnant as too much can cause birth defects. If the abscess or boil is just beginning you can use a Belladonna. If the boil or abscess starts to be very tender to the touch with sharp pain, and has pun below the skin, try applying gentle heat (warm wash cloth) to draw it out. You can also try tree tea oil applied to the compress or Hepar Sulphuris, which will also help bring the pus out of the skin. Internally, Oregano oil is a very good antimicrobial, especially against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. 

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