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Where You Store Your Fat Matters Even More Than Just Being Fat
We all have been hearing the message in the media that obesity is linked to higher chances of getting several serious illnesses. Being obese may not be good, but it appears that where you store your fat matters even more than just being fat, especially when it comes to men.  According to a recent study that appears in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (September 2007; vol 86: pp 556-565), men are especially susceptible to developing colon cancer in proportion to the size of their waists. Scientists researched 30 long term colon cancer studies, and found that there is a strong link between obesity in men and colon cancer. This study also showed that obesity did not affect women in the same way; there seems to be less of a link between obesity in women and colon cancer. The same results were also found concerning rectal cancer, men were much more at risk than women if they are obese.

This study concludes that the amount of belly fat a person has, increases the chance of colon and rectal cancer. The study sites that, "for every 4 inches gained around the waist, the risk of colon cancer goes up 33% in men and 16% in women." The researchers have yet to figure out why belly fat in particular, as opposed to obesity in general raises the risk of developing colon and rectal cancers, particularly in men.

The message of this research is that it is important to keep your weight under control and to make appointments to have a colonoscopy if you are in this high risk group. Colon and rectal cancers have much better survivability rates when found in their early stages. Even men who are not clinically obese but carry around a bit of a spare tire in the middle might want to start doing some sit-ups!

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