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This site was developed in order to disseminate information about both traditional medications and alternative medicine, including herbal treatments. The fact is that many of the FDA approved drugs on the market or those in clinical trials were developed from herbal sources. The drug companies follow folklore in several countries surrounding homeopathic cures and then bring some of the herbs back to their labs to isolate the active ingredient and make medicines from these isolates. What we strive to do here is to present all of the latest news and information that you need in order to get healthy and stay healthy. HealthNinjas.Com is a place where you can obtain information about the traditional medicines you need to help with your conditions as well as herbal supplements for those who want a more natural approach to good health. We will provide you with all the latest information on Clinical Trials and FDA news. This site will be a comprehensive place to stop and help you develop a lifestyle that promotes good health, disease prevention as well as disease management and when possible, disease recovery.


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